The design of shower doors often focuses on form rather than function but the Tri-slider shower door from the "ShowerTime by Furman Glass" range is rapidly gaining popularity where aesthetic, ergonomically sound and functional shower doors are required.

Furman Glass' R & D Division recently redesigned their Tri-slider shower door. A new aluminium section and a new wheel assembly have solved some of the previous challenges with the door panels not sliding smoothly and the wheels jumping out of the tracks.

The new aluminium section has three sets of double rails. The door lug and pin were redesigned so that each glass panel has two vertical lugs. Each lug has one wheel on either side with a brass pin fitted through them and each sliding panel has two vertical lugs on the upper horizontal aluminium section. Each panel hangs perfectly vertically with no bending movement or pressure on the wheel shafts. A very useful feature is that entry to the shower is possible from the left or right as all three-door panels slide in their own guides.

The "ShowerTime by Furman Glass" range also features two other shower doors. The frameless door is the only adjustable frameless door on the market that solves the problem of brickwork or tiling not being plumb and true.

If a wall is out of plumb and you have a fixed panel frame, you have to pack the gap with silicone, which is unsightly. The other alternative is to cut the glass at an angle, which is not only ugly; it means that each glass panel has to be custom made which drives the price up. The design element used to simplify the installation of the Showertime frameless door is a channel that is attached to the wall. The glass is attached to a tube, which is placed in the channel and can then be adjusted for misalignment. Apart from the obvious benefits, the customer will pay about 40% of the price of a customised door. Furman also manufacture a semi-frameless shower door with 6mm glass. The "ShowerTime by Furman Glass" range is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, safe and easy to use and maintain.

One of Furman Glass' greatest strengths lies in their exceptionally high level of technical competency. The company offers top quality, competitively priced safety glass products which all carry the SABS mark. A complete design, manufacture, supply and national fitment service is available through their branches in Johannesburg, Randburg, Bloemfontein, Polokwane, Durban and Cape Town. The shower doors are all guaranteed for five years and if they are installed by the company, a full fitment warranty.

All products are locally manufactured to the highest international standards and superb quality, guaranteed workmanship and substantial cost savings ensure that all clients' needs are consistently met. Safety Glass Products are SABS approved.

The company is widely respected for its exceptional service levels and their highly trained professionals can assist you with expert advice. Furman Glass has been in the glass industry for over 100 years and they are founder members of several glass manufacturers associations including SASEMA, The South African Shower Enclosure Manufacturers Association.


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